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A&K PTW väljas!
« on: April 08, 2013, 11:56:54 »
Aastaid tagasi välja reklaamitud A&K PTW on nüüd samuti väljas lisaks paar kuud tagasi välja lastud G&D PTW versioonile. Mõlemad on hiinlased, mõlema hinnasilt jääb ca 400 euro juurde.

A&K PTW on väidetavalt 100% koopia Systema PTW-st, st. kõik varuosad sobivad omavahel vahetamiseks.

Vaata videot pikemalt siin:

A&K PTW Preview
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Re: A&K PTW väljas!
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2013, 14:44:22 »
Nonii, esimesed muljed välismaa foorumitest:

Just finished filming the A&K PTW, and I have to say, forget the G&D. I'm saying this with having one G&D DTW RIS.
Just a short list that is better on the a&K:
- Steel barrel and steel triangle front sight.
- gray finish on barrel and on the receiver, looks awesome
- Stainless steel stock tube.
- proper sized inner barrel and all assemly around, like chamber sleeve and others
- proper sized body pins
- ROCK solid construction
- fiber glass reinforced plastic furniture
- proper operation of the bolt catch when the mag is empty. On the DTW it cuts off the power of the ECU and sometimes this makes your gun double feed, no such issue on the a&k
- better shimjob, better dimension an tighter tolerances all around, hard to tell because of the m150 cylinder but the gearbox seems much smoother running
- the cylinder itself is better made
- the trigger has a mechanical safety, cannot be pulled when the selector is set to 'safe'. The G&D has no mechanical block on safe.
- better wiring in the tube, looks like a spiral spring,
- much smaller FET group in the tube, small space with some hope for using a stock tube lipo (CTR stock users may like this)
- motor seems to be very powerful, pulls the m150 with ease.
- nice soft coating on the crane stock as a cheek rest
- back piece on the crane stock is rubberized, and the parts those hold it to the crane stock itself is made of steel.
- body pins are stiff, no chance to push them out without a hammer and the push pin at least when new. May be better with some use.
- comes with m150 cyl, not skirmishable on most countries ootb. Measured to have 525-537 fps with the hop set. ROF is around 650 rpm with the 11,1v 1200 mAh 15c. (remember, m150 cylinder)

Ning juba on suudetud esimene mosfet laiali lasta ning Systema oma asemele panna:
A&K made only 20 pieces for Europe, so they did sell fast.
I have 1 too, and the build quality is indeed very good.
1 big negative point on mine was the mosfet. After 3 mags, it shorted and the motor kept running without pulling the trigger.
So now I have a Systema ECU and mosfet.
The mosfet is the most weak part of the A&K.  It has 5 mosfets, instead of 2 (like Systema, CTW,DTW), and has no heatsink for cooling!!! (that's what caused mine to fail)
Also, the selector switch board isn't compatible with Systema electronics. The wiring is different. (but if you reroute the wires, it works.)
In my opinion, with the 500fps cylinder, it shoots way to slow. It would have been much better if they used a M110 cylinder, and speed gears, instead of torque gears.
Also, the stocktube is too small for the hole in the body.  If you tighten up the locking-ring with a wrench, I can pull the stocktube out of the body, if I want to tighten with a little extra force.

Paar videot kah:

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