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Poodide uudised ja pakkumised / - 15% discount code
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:13:00 »
Hello everyone!

Get -15%
Till 10 of october use discount code: tacsale

We've launched our new online store
There is SSL sertificates, Creditcard secure payments, Paypal available.
It's based in Latvia, Riga of center. Retail store
Only great brands of tactical - Lowa, Warrior Assault Systems, Tasmanian Tiger, Direct Action, Wiley-X etc.

If need recommendations about our store - ask Kevin Valkenklau/Falcon Claw at instagram.

Hello to everyone!

We`re proud to be here and offer you great brands!
Brands to offer: ASG, Abbey, Helikon-Tex, Pentagon, Viper, Mil-Tec, Mechanix, Bolle, Condor, Vega Holster, Carinthia, Salomon.

For teams, services, shops, wholesalers,regular orders - Discounts!

Free shipping in Baltics on orders over 69Eur by Omniva. - soon more products update
Feel free to ask:
Call us: +371 26593396

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