Author Topic: 2018-07-19..22 MILSIM: Battlegroup 18/TSTOS 18 [Soome]  (Read 6115 times)

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Re: 2018-07-19..22 MILSIM: Battlegroup 18/TSTOS 18 [Soome]
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Thanks for the feedback, great that you enjoyed!

Info about Battlegroup 19 will come during december after we have meeting with our military partners.

Before that it's time to vote for the best airsoft manufacturer, youtuber, event etc. of the year 2018 on popular airsoft poll!  If you think the Battlegroup 18 event by Ehasa was the best big event of the year, vote us on the category 13 with name "TSTOS18/ Battlegroup18"!

Last time we made up to the top 5 finals and were close to win so let's not waste a single vote now and espesially on the final voting at january/february!

Be sure to vote since Popular Airsoft raffles product awards and you can also vote another airsoft experts of your choice!

Link to the competition: