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Classic Army 2014 gearbox
« on: January 27, 2014, 15:49:26 »
CA uutes mudelites on selline asi...

- 9mm Radial Ball Bearings, currently the biggest size on the air soft market. Classic Army is the first to adopt this new standard
- New stamped steel Selector Plate on the Blowback version and Reinforced Polymer on the non-Blowback version
- Quick release spring which allows spring replacement without opening the gearbox
- Aluminum Piston Head
- Spring guide with bearing
- Steel Gears
- Anodized CNC machined Cylinder Head
- Machined Air Nozzle with o-ring
- Low resistance silver wiring on the blowback version and high silicone on the non-blowback version
- Reinforced piston