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vahendan kuulutust:

aeg: 12⁰⁰-19⁰⁰
gps: N58.624585, E25.572654


Väike grupp terroriste on hõivanud väikese kuid piirkonnale olulise veepuhastusjaama ning on võtnud eesmärgiks mürgitada ümbruskonna veevarud. Eriüksuse ülesanne on tappa kõik terroristid, leida mürk ning takistada terroristidel veevarude mürgitamine. Mängumaks 5€ tasuda kohapeal, relvarendist anda teada hiljemalt reede õhtuks. Mäng kestab 1 tunni kaupa, igal mängijal on 3 elu, lubatud suits ja granaadid. Kogunemine Võhma ristis Toidutare parklas kella 11:00´ks.

Üritused / 2018-08-18..19 Fallout 3 [Humala]
« on: May 12, 2018, 06:14:06 »
18.08.2018 12.00-03.00
19.08.2018 10.00-15.00
arrival, collection, 10-11.30,
briefing - 12.00

asukoht: Humala raketibaas N59.369131, E24.414071

vahendan kuulutust:

FB event:

ala video:

asukoht: Ringi 2, Maardu, 74221 Harju maakond, Estonia


uuendatud asukoht as of 23 Апрель 2018 - 17:12:
N57.150641, E24.371975
see on Riia kõrval üks suur müüridega eraldatud mahajäetud sõjaväebaas, kus on palju mitmekordseid hooneid

Introductory Speech and Notification - 10.30
Starts at 11.00
Finish 19.00

Üritused / 2018-04-15 CQB Peipsi lähedal Kirovi kolhoosis
« on: April 11, 2018, 23:54:08 »
kuulutus Viiking grupilt:

Lühidalt - lipu hõivamine.

Valgumarja, Metsaküla, Jõgevamaa
Koordinaadid: N58.765977, E26.937438

Muu info:
Osalustasu on 5€, mis tuleb maksta kohapeal korraldajale.
Osalustasu sees on kuum tee ja kohv.

Alla 16-aastastel vajalik vabas vormis vanemate nõusolek koos vanemate kontaktidega.

Viiking Airsoft:
Telefon: 56715856

Automaat kuni 120m/s piiranguteta, 120-150m/s piirang ~20m ja backup relv kohustuslik.
Kuulipilduja või poolautomaat snaiper kuni 120-150m/s, piirang ~20m ja backup relv kohustuslik.
Üksiklasuline poltlukk snaiperrelv 150-200m/s piirang ~25m ja backup relv kohustuslik.
Lubatud on +-5m/s kõikumine. Kiirusemõõtmised toimuvad 0,2g kuuliga.

Majades sees üksiklasud. Majast õue, õuest majja ja õues piiranguteta, kui on tagatud miinimumdistants. Pimetuli keelatud!
Alko ning narkojoobes mängul osalemine keelatud!

Granaadid: SELGUB

Probleemid kohapeal:
Kui tekib vaidlus, EI HAKKA keegi asju klaarima mänguväljal vaid pöördutakse mängu korraldaja poole ja lahendatakse tüli mängualast väljas.
Tuletan meelde, et tegu on hobiga mitte võitlusega elule ja surmale. Lihtsam on alati käsi üles tõsta ja jalutada spawni, kui on kahtlus, et saite surma.
Mängida saab terve päeva, seega surmaga ei lõppe teie lõbu.

Eksides reeglite vastu järgneb kas hoiatus või ürituselt lahkumine. Üritusest osa võttes nõustud eelpool toodud reeglitega.
Korraldaja otsused ei kuulu edasi kaebamisele.

Ajakava (umbkaudne):
12:00 : kogunemine, crono, ettevalmistus
12:30 : briifing
12:45 - //:// : mäng

Relva rent:
Relvarent broneerimisega. Kirjuta facebookis kasutajale Ants Punning.

Oled osaleja?
Märgi ennast ka facebookis osalejaks:
Et oleks ka teistel parem ülevaade osalejate arvust siis kirjutage ka siia a la "+1".

Pildid mänguplatsilt:


asukoht: Kelkutteentie 174, 17510 Padasjoki, Finland

tasu: 30€ kohapeal

09:00-10:30   Ilmoittautuminen
11:00   Alkupuheet
11:30   Pelin aloitus
19:00   Peli päättyy
20:30   Loppubriiffi halukkaille parkkipaikalla

When milsim is not enough, Pandion will blow your mind!

Time zone: Alpha (UTC+1)
Operation time: 271300APR18 - 291100APR18
Area of Operation: Vimmerby
MGRS: --

Game type and who may participate?
This is a 48 hours Pandion realsim. All teams will throughout the whole event be self sufficient and operate totally autonomous from a given OPORD. Contact with gameleader will only be used to straighten out questions.
This event is for you that whant to fulfill your OPORD and don't give a damn about firing your weapon. You don't need a lot of experience or the "right Gucci gear", you only need a good mindset!
You are there to deliver an experience for the events all participants, the event is not only for your experience.

We do this together!

Team limit:
No vehicles!
No team are allowed to be bigger than 8 persons.

Game rules:
Read and understand before you assign to the event! This is not an ordinary airsoft event.

More info to be found at:

Assign here:

Participant fee:
Payment during January: 400 SEK / person
Payment during February: 450 SEK / person
Payment during March: 500 SEK / person
Payment during April: 600 SEK / person

If this is your first Pandion event I also want a short team presentation with your previous milsim experiences.
PM me on Facebook or mail on

CQB, terves linnas :D

ala intro:

asub Poolas, suht Saksa lähedal:
Google Maps: asukoht


Asgard Siege

The biggest Airsoft CQB Military Simulation in Europe!

9th-12th August 2018 BUY A TICKET

Excellent game area – military urban terrain of the Polish Army

Complete infrastructure – base equipment and technical background

Military training – workshops led by experienced military instructors

Reliable organization – a proven team of organizers and commanders

Notice: two important game rules during Asgard Siege.
No. 2. Mandatory use of (airsoft) helmets while playing in buildings!

MOUT Site (Sturok City) is a challenge. Last year we had 4 serious head wounds and 1 skull base fracture - all to players without helmets. No jokes here, it's about your safety!


Berget is the annual airsoft events organized by the company Berget-Events. Berget is an airsoft-game for anyone who loves airsoft beyond Speedball, like authentic military feel and props. Berget Events provides camps for all factions with the necessary living logistics. Participants work together in big teams and each team has a military structure and overall objectives that the participants must follow. We put a lot of focus on the integration between LARP and airsoft-elements to create more dynamic gameplay.

During the event, you have the opportunity to experience firefights with hundreds of players at the same time, well organized military bases, airstrikes, bunkers, attacks on vehicle convoys and maybe even Airsoft tanks fighting.

If this is your first Berget-game you need to carefully read all the information on our website and also the Veterans corner in our forum. Berget is not like a Sunday game on a small field where you get action every 10 minutes. The game area is big with demanding terrain and you need to be ready to walk long distances.

After choosing your team you will be placed in a military structure with officers and commanders. You will always be placed in the same squad/platoon as your friends as long as you register with the same team-tag.

World class large scale tactical airsoft MILSIM with some LARP components - Game length 50 hours.

Game area is in a 1,5 hour driving distance from Prague in one of the former military areas in Czech Republic

Participants are mostly European MILSIM players from around 31 countries including overseas (US, Panama, Philipines, Brazil etc...)  Starting MILSIMERs are also welcomed.

All participants must be 18 years old at the time of the start of the event. Otherwise they will not be allowed to take part in the game and their participant’s fees will not be refunded.

Create an international high level MILSIM event with an exciting atmosphere and a great level of enjoyment for all participants.

I'm posting this for a friend:


We are shooting a promotional film and photos about a new military product.

This is basically an improved MRE heater, new to Europe which is far superior.  It can easily heat up food and drinks in sub zero conditions without fire.

We are searching for people to lend us some props and clothing.  If we could borrow some of your collection we can pay you with the actual products which are unavailable commercially!!

We are after 3 sets of kit for three actors (one LMG gunner, two riflemen for a patrol mission, model sizes not known at this stage).  All in Coyote Tan and not desert sand or camouflage patterns.  We are looking to achieve an impression similar to this company as an example:  Here you can see models in various outdoor and military kit.  We want to do similar but all in Coyote tan.  If you want to be one of the models please send photos of yourself


- 3x plate carriers

- 3x chest webbing, pouches and belt order to match (one LMG gunner, two riflemen, pouches must match the caliber of the prop guns)

- 3x winter jackets (outer jacket plus softshell or fleece)

- 3x trousers

- 3x fleece hat or high-cut helmet in Coyote

- 3x boots

- 3x snow parka, white or snow camo

- 2x backpack

- 1x patrol pack or radio pack

- 3x gloves

- possibly snow gaiters, scarves, sunglasses, etc. 

Props (airsoft or deactivated):

- 2x AK4 / HK G3 / HK 417 / HK G36

- 1x KSP 58 / M240 / MG 3

- comms kit

- ammo belt (7.62 x 51)

- some optics

- wrist mount GPS

Additional items:

- military and commercial stoves (Trangia, Hexamine, Esbit, Jetboil etc)

- MRE (from any country, civilian or military)

- anything you can think of that we could use.

Contact mail address:


Üritused / 2016-11-13 Airsoft Latvia CQB "Akvalande" [pistols only!]
« on: November 11, 2016, 21:01:31 »
Mūkusalas iela 49-k4, Rīga

Date:   November 13, 2016
Time:   12:00 - 14:30
Briefing:   12:00
Doors open:   11:30


CQB siseala on selline:

Üldine jutt / impromptu talvecamo maalriülikonnast?
« on: November 11, 2016, 05:52:35 »
kas keegi on proovinud talvecamona kasutada tavalise camo peal sellist ühekordset maalriülikonda?

suht kindlalt on see ribadeks peale esimest mängu, aga see ei maksa midagi

Üritused / 2016-11-26 Lõuna-Soome: WW2 LARP
« on: October 29, 2016, 10:29:59 »

Tapahtuma on WW2-teemainen airsoft-peli, jossa pyritään saavuttamaan realismia teeman henkeen kuuluvilla propeilla, pukeutumisella, eläytymisellä ja asenteella.  Pyrimme suht rentoon ilmapiiriin mutta kuitenkin haluamme saavuttaa realismia ja larppauksen elementtejä. Tässä pelissä oma asenne ratkaisee! Peli tulee olemaan normaaliin airsoftiin verrattuna vähän hidastempoisempi mutta pyrimme kuitenkin tuomaan reilusti toimintaa mukaan.


-Pelin osapuolet: Liittoutuneet(US/UK) ja saksa (WH/SS/FJ/volkssturm)
-Peli pelataan 26pv (launtai) Marraskuuta 2016
-Pelin ikäraja on K15 poikkeuksilla jos huoltaja/veli/vastaava on mukana tai sinulla on varusteet ja asenne kohdillaan
-Pelaajaraja on 40 henkilöä per osapuoli
-Pelin pelimaksu on 10€, pelimaksu menee proppeihin ja maksetaan paikan päällä
-Parkkipaikkoja on rajoitetusti joten suosikaa kimppakyytejä


9:00 Kokoontuminen Inkoon ST1 aseman pihassa alkaa (Tähteläntie 46, 10210 Inkoo)
9:20-25 Siirtyminen pelialueelle ST1 aseman pihasta
10:00 Ilmoittautuminen ja alkubriiffi pelialueella jonka jälkeen siirrytään aloituspaikoille
10:30-11:00 Peli alkaa
18:00 Peli päättyy "peli ohi" huudolla

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